The Eco Lounge beauty salon launches with fantastic beauticians and quality treatments

March 26, 2018

We all know Dubai is one of the most glamorous cities in the world, with beautifully groomed women who take pride in their appearance. Set to pamper their clients from head to toe, the Eco Lounge has been created with eco concept and high quality services in mind. Unlike many beauty salons in Dubai, the beauty services will be provided by high-qualified therapists from Russia and Ukraine, who are well known for their excellent skills.

We met Ksenia Shek and Valeria Prokudina, the owners of Eco Lounge in Dubai, to ask a few questions to get to know about the salon a little better…

What inspired you to start your own beauty salon? Has it been a long time in the making?

Ksenia: Well, initially the idea was born from my friend and now my partner Valeria who was always seeking for an opportunity to have her own business. I just supported her when she was looking for the second investor. I’ve been working with MADI International, one of the biggest suppliers of the professional cosmetics for salons and not only, for two years now, since I came to Dubai. So salon business was familiar to me from inside. Visiting salons in Dubai and speaking to the owners and managers I knew what was missing. It’s high quality service which is basic. Generally speaking when I left Russia everywhere I lived I was struggling to find a good beautician who could do magic on my nails, my hair and my eyelashes as I had become used to in our home country.

Valeria: As Ksenia mentioned I always craved to be independent, run my own business and be free. When I moved to Dubai I was working for a consulting company. I know, for example, how to register a company in Dubai. This knowledge, actually, saved us a bunch of money at the beginning. So Ksenia and I thought we should ally our experiences and knowledge and try to do something interesting and big in our life. Besides, Dubai is a city of opportunities especially business wise.

How did you come up with the name Eco Lounge? Is there any concept or lifestyle behind that?

V: We wanted our salon to be full of flowers, to paint the walls in green and white, which will remind to our customers of eco-friendly environment, since in Dubai the nature is either missing or artificial, we thought it would make our customers feel a little bit more relaxed.

K: Also we bought a special drink from Siberia based on Siberian pines and wild forest berries – no one in Dubai has it. It gives energy and strength and reminds us of nature.

What kind of exclusive treatments and products do you propose to your clients?

K: For the hair products we use Kevin Murphy and Goldwell. Both are professional use and of high quality from Australia and Germany. Kevin Murphy is well known as luxury hair care products with no added sulphates. It keeps the hair looking fresh for longer, nourishing it and making it stronger. Goldwell is one of the best hair color products that last longer on the hair, give incredible shine, without damaging it, even for thin and weak hair this product is perfectly suitable.

V: As for the nails, along with other brands, we are using Luxio gel polish. Also one of the top nail products on the market right now. In Dubai there are only a few salons using this product as it’s the most expensive brand so far. The durability and shine of Luxio colours are incredible. The light colours don’t fade and the product truly lasts for three weeks on the nails, without chipping off.

What is your favourite treatment to try in the salon?

K: Any! There is no favourite treatment when it comes to feminine beauty. Every touch, every treatment is highly important for us and our wellbeing. We try to make our clients leave Eco Lounge happy and satisfied following their visit.

V: It’s especially important to combine all the services in one salon, to offer a complete service. We live in Dubai, a multinational cosmopolitan city, where we don’t have the luxury of wasting time, so we are doing our very best to ensure our services are 100% on point.

What is your weekly beauty routine?

K: I love having a special occasion make up – Alina, our stylist and colorist, knows how to create a perfect look.

V: I personally love Kevin Murphy treatments for the hair, and blow dries for special occasions.

As beauty salon owners, there must be pressure to always look groomed. Do you ever get bored of manicures?

V: When it comes to my nails I always have something new in mind. The only thing is time – I wish the gel polish manicure or pedicure didn’t take so long! But then, again, I know I will be happy and my nails will look perfect and my feet will be soft for the next three weeks, so two hours is definitely worth it!

K: Who will ever get bored of taking care of the feminine beauty? Especially after a stressful week at work it’s  a pleasure to switch off for some time. And yet as a beauty salon owner it’s an advantage to be able to treat oneself just a little bit more.

What are your plans for the near future? Are you planning to expand?

K: A soldier who doesn’t want to be a general is a bad soldier. Of course in a back of our mind we wish to expand in the future.

V: Right now we still have to take care of our first baby, grow up and develop it together further, and work hard to make it the best.

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Interview by Alina Dyachenko for Luxuria Lifestyle

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