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Luxuria Lifestyle International is one of the worlds leading digital magazine groups, with offices strategically positioned around the world.

Fuelled by the dramatic rise of emerging international luxury markets and the expansion of luxury brands around the world, Luxuria Lifestyle International runs successful licensed offices in many global locations, and is rapidly growing with plans to open another 10 international businesses over the next five years.

We have a very strong international team of industry professionals with a variety of unique skills to guide, train, help and support your Luxuria Lifestyle licensed business every step of the way. License potential is limited only by the creativity of our management and the vision and hard work of our regional owners. Our future in this growing industry is flourishing and we welcome our new global partners with open arms.

Owning your own Luxuria Lifestyle license is both a rewarding and very lucrative business proposition. To find out more about owning a Luxuria Lifestyle licensed digital magazine and events business for a particular capital city, country or geographical territory please contact us via


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