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October 22, 2018

Hemingway’s fairytale by Campi Ya Kanzi safari lodge

Every person once in a life time deserves a safari experience. Africa is one such destination that tops the list of offering a variety of diverse experiences for one to relish. Be it jungle, arial, water name it and Africa has it on a platter for you. In fact to go on safari is to take part in one of life’s last great adventures. Campi Ya Kanzi safari lodge comes in as the one of most comfortable eco – friendly safari experiences in Africa.

Kenya is a country brimming with romance, thrill and adventure nothing says “classic safari” quite like a Kenyan safari. A Kenyan safari not only boasts spectacular natural beauty in one of the most unspoiled places on earth, but it also brings you up close and personal with Africa’s most sought-after wildlife. Campi Ya Kanzi ensures that you experience a luxury Kenyan Safari and Tour like no other, no matter what your preference, be it a family-friendly holiday, romantic honeymoon or photographic safari that draws you to the African continent.

Located at the foot of the legendary Chyulu Hills, Ernest Hemingway’s “Green Hills of Africa,” it is a camp designed in the lap of luxury, with offerings to pamper the adventurer in you. The Green hills of Africa are a respite to truly get away and reconnect with yourself, in vast nature.

Guests staying at this envious property will have the opportunity to enjoy one of many frolicking trails in the area. Chyulu Hills are awash with volcanic cinder cones and craters, as well as a five century old volcanic peak. The hills are famous for their clear views of Mount Kilimanjaro over the Tanzanian border.

Walk along the gorgeous Chyulu Hills, covering a 100 kilometer long volcanic field. The area boasts flowing hills and fertile grasslands, and is home to the Leviathan Cave, one of the longest lava tubes in the world.

It is a growing representation of some of Africa’s most coveted, yet preserved wildlife areas; a careful selection of authentic bush camps loaded with a rendition of 5-star finesse, first class wilderness adventure, amazing wildlife, and authentic immersion in Maasai culture.

The essence of the safari experience is obviously the spectacular African wilderness and wildlife – but your accommodation is a big part of the experience too. Your Campi Ya Kanzi safari is simple and rustic, but at the same time fantastically luxurious, chic and stylish with a great selection of fine wines and Italian dining with Kenyan twist, with lots of options in between… one of the highlights of the property is the very fact that they utilise only solar power, thus contributing further to the nature. Striking a balance between relishing the wilderness without posing it to thrive for sustainability.

This Kenyan eco-luxury safari camp is designed to perfection to ensure your safari sojourn is one to remember. It is an award-winning model for the vital effort in sustainable-tourism in exclusive settings: high-end, low-impact eco-safari that helps fund preservation of the land, by offering protection for the wildlife through key anti-poaching initiatives, and helps local communities by way of direct commerce and employment.

This is Africa’s conscientious interaction with the Maasai people of Kenya – who are real stakeholders at Campi Ya Kanzi, along with the Belpietro family who founded the camp and community project. Here you are in the care of your Kenyan hosts, as guests in their home. Visit the actual bomas and learn about the nomadic warrior culture, joining in their singing and dancing, and tracking alongside these experts to seek wildlife.

This safari would give you an opportunity to take a picture of a leopard resting on a tree and come very close to the African lions that walk majestically around the reserve. What would get you intoxicated in this reserve is the sense of freedom and space that the wildlife exhibits here.

Campi ya Kanzi not only allows you to make the most of the out door adventures in fact they have the best of accommodation with four different settings each to rejuvenate and relax your mind. Campi ya Kanzi Luxury tented cottages, Campi ya Kanzi tented Suites, Kanzi House Pool Cottage, Kanzi House Private Villa. Customer privacy has been given at most concern at Campi ya Kanzi, hence each cottage is located at comfortable distances. While that was about the cottages and suites. The Kanzi House is composed by a Villa with four bedrooms and by the Pool Cottage.  They can be booked individually. The whole of Kanzi House can also be booked in exclusivity.

What more, featuring a Jacuzzi, an 18-meter swimming pool, a pool cottage, a fire pit, and a beautiful view of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kanzi House provides a luxurious private experience while allowing guests to explore the savanna around Campi ya Kanzi. Ecological balance has not been compromised here. The pool does not use water from a borehole that is transported from miles away. The rain water is collected treated and used up for such activities. On a bonus run it also serves as an anti fire reservoir further assuring safety at this property at any given time.

On the whole Campi Ya Kanzi’s motif is to have the people bounce back into the fast paced civilization with hearts beaming with the memories of infinite pristine landscape, hills amid serendipity & a wildlife experience which embraces our souls.

Rendezvous with the owner Luca Belpietro

An adamant conservationist and founder, and the managing director of Campi Ya Kanzi Mr. Luca and his wife Mrs. Antonella Bonomi burgeoned their compassion for nature while giving it a twist of people being able to relish the experience, without taking anything away from the divinity of the environment. Luca holds Doctorate in Economics, with a thesis on Wildlife as a Natural Resource in Kenya. With a quest to find out what got them to bring this wildlife paradise established, here is a tryst with the keeper.

How did you fall in love with Africa?

Luca: I was born in Italy, and with my family have been a part of Africa since 1969. With my father, I toured Africa on many sporting safaris. I divided my youth time between Italy and Kenya. However its through the passion my dad had for the Continent and by coming here as a young kid and becoming fascinated by the culture, the wilderness, the wildlife is what propelled my fondness towards this place.

What are some of the difficulties in living all year long with your family in a savanna? What are the benefits?

L: Perhaps the difficulty is not being able to see a museum or go to enjoy an opera, but there is no better museum or symphony than looking at the sunset from a look out hill in front of Kilimanjaro, with lions roaring and the vastness of wild Africa enwrapping you, so basically we feel content with what we have around.

What made you start a luxury lodge in Kenya, and not any other country in Africa?

L: Kenya is one of the most special places because of not just the amazing diversity, from snow to desert and everything in between, but for the warm hospitality and friendliness of its people. They are capable of making any & everyone feel at home. Their genuinely with hospitality remains unscathed no matter what. This keeps us hooked on to them.

When you’re away from Campi Ya Kanzi, what do you miss the most?

L: Honestly everything… the birds song, the zebra barking, the hyena laughter, the lion roaring, the pink light of sunrise over the Kilimanjaro snow, the warmness of our team, who are family…

Why did you choose to target the luxury market? How do your lodge benefit the environment in which it is based?

L: We chose the high end market because quality is better than quantity. We are conservationists and Campi ya Kanzi is proving to the Maasai indigenous community that their natural resources, from wilderness to wildlife, can be economically productive, guaranteeing their preservation in the process.

What is the most satisfying part of being involved with a lodge like Campi Ya Kanzi?

L: The humble consciousness of having created a new model for sustainable conservation through tourism and knowing we are making an appreciable difference. Moreover the idea that we have been able to give to the Maasai clan than take away from them of their gifts, i.e I was considerate about the clan & suggested that the the camp provides meaningful employment and our sister Trust employs nearly 300 community members, offering education, health and conservation services to thousands of Maasai.

In respect to the traditional way of life of the Maasai people is it something you can see remaining or will it slowly adapt to the modern day demands of Kenya? In fact by your presence within their land has that in anyway changed their existence locally?

L: Maasai feel they are the elected people of God. They feel superior to other human beings. Having an ecotourism lodge in their land, it helps them valuing their traditions. Therefore the lodge presence is in fact defending the Maasai lifestyle. Threats are not tourism, tourism is an opportunity: real threats are the triplication of Kenyans human being population in the last 40 years, therefore a strong demand for land. No land, no Maasai, exactly like it happened for the North American Indians.

How do you want people to feel when they leave Campi Ya Kanzi?

L: Struck by Africa, falling in love with all it offers: infinite pristine landscapes, where we as humans come from, wonderful animals, amazing people.

Campi ya Kanzi’s Contribution to Community

Campi ya Kanzi not only boasts of offering the finest of its kind luxury to its visitors but equally thrives at ushering towards the ecological system. From the dusty tents of explorers to exquisite eco-conscious lodges – this African safari has come a long way in the past years without losing any of its romance and adventure. Today, they mirror the grandeur and opulence of days gone by, while others have completely reinvigorated the safari lodge, offering a brand new take on African aesthetics, authenticity and luxury.

The camp has been built not by using outside contractors, but by employing local Maasai people, teaching them how to build. They used only local materials, and not a single tree has been cut.

Guests at Campi Ya Kanzi also give back to the community by paying a $151 conservation fee per person per day. These fees directly support the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

State of the art technology was applied for the use of renewable resources. Collectively this property is meticulously designed keeping in mind the nature as priority.

Getting to the food served at Camps ya Kanzi. The food served to the guests are prepared eliminating the unsustainable farming practices. 100% organic methods are adopted in maintaining the flavor & making each meal delectable at the same time. They are known to serve the most savor and creative preparations. While staying at Campi Ya Kanzi we really enjoyed the food along with the serving.

What seems like another laurel to their idea is the noble angle associated with it. A hefty chunk is earmarked towards the Wildlife which is a compensation program where the losses are taken care of & reimbursed to the community, this in return has proven bunceful to the Lion population which is otherwise thriving. Moreover the Trust has been successful is securing Payment for Ecosystem Services that enable it to employ nearly 300 Kenyans, offering education, health and conservation services to the Maasai community. The list of largesse goes on with no certain boundary.

The entire experience is enriched by cultural, historical and environmental orientation as well as knowing that as a guest you are integral to a sustainable and holistic conservation model. So – adventure, wildlife, cultural enrichment and world-class hospitality – what’s not to love about a luxurious African safari? NOTHING!

Witness the immortal beauty of the terrain that painted the literary scenes in Snows of Kilimanjaro and The Green Hills of Africa…

Interview by Alina Dyachenko
Text by Renita Joy

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