Fantasy jungle, Viceroy Bali

March 30, 2018

A trip to the spectacular Viceroy Bali reveals the magic and wonder behind one of Asia’s most lavish and mysterious island getaways.

If you’re looking to get lost in nature and to forget the frills of big city life, Viceroy Bali above Bali’s Valley of the Kings makes for the perfect getaway. Being located on the overgrown and secluded jungles makes for the stuff of fantasy holidays and scrap book memories. Of course, five-star hospitality is always at hand – an award-winning fine dining CasCades restaurant; a butler service; a well-stocked wine cellar; a star spa and breathtaking infinity pool. But in the end, what enchants you is the way Viceroy Bali magnifies the beauty of solitude amidst its lavish-yet- rustic jungle nooks. You can get lost here either in nature, or in your own imagination. Being surrounded by so much flora, and open to views of jungle and river not far from your private pool or dining table, Viceroy Bali evokes a powerful sense of child-like wonder for everything you encounter in the jungle. You’d expect that any place like that might appeal only to romantic honeymooners and A-list celebrities, but you’d be wrong. From the way luxury, good old-fashioned fun and a warm and perceptive service are woven together here, there’s every chance that guests of any description will find it hard to leave this jungle paradise.

Viceroy Bali is the perfect destination for those who look for absolute stillness and tranquility but don’t want to resign to luxury in keeping with the amazing natural environment. With mesmerizing views of the serene valley below, and once a favored retreat of royals, the resort offers five categories of expansive yet intimate villas, each with its own heated pool; attentive discreet service and bespoke facilities. All the 25 luxurious villas are nestled next to the river facing jungles. In all of them comfort and traditional Balinese elements flair go hand in hand to provide with an unforgettable stay.


Pool Suite

The four one-bedroom Pool Suites provide 1615 square feet of space comprised of an amply sized bedroom and sitting room with combined indoor-outdoor living space; a spacious open-plan bathroom integrating the private indoor swimming pool; and a garden and daybed.

Terrace Villa

The four one-bedroom Terrace Villas also provide 1615 square feet of space, including a private outdoor swimming pool graced by a balé perched at its edge.

Deluxe Terrace Villa

Deluxe Terrace Villas provide 1615 square feet of space and a balé and outdoor swimming pool. Said to be the highlight of the Deluxe Terrace Villas is the balé, a covered and elevated pavilion perched dramatically over a private swimming pool with spectacular views over the river gorge. Each of the Deluxe Terrace Villas is pretty spacious with an integrated living space, spacious bathroom, and terrace. Two Deluxe Terrace Villas can be inter-connected to form one large two- bedroom villa for friends or families.

Special Villas

The two one-bedroom Vice Regal Villas provide a very generous 2583 square feet of space comprised of an expansive yet intimate bedroom and lounge and dining area, a large open bathroom; the outdoor living area incorporates a spacious swimming pool and a garden overlooking the Petanu River valley.

The two-bedroom Viceroy Villa, often referred to as the “Presidential Villa”, provides 4306 square feet of expansive luxury, with two very spacious bedrooms, each with high thatched-roof ceilings and commodious luxury bathrooms, a central living room with a two tiered thatched roof leading out to the large swimming pool, balé, and garden, a stunning view up the valley and down to the river.

Dining and bar

Guests can also enjoy the Viceroy bar and its very well cared CasCades restaurant offering anything discerning travellers might desire in a privileged atmosphere and far away from everyday stress.

Set in a luxurious Balinese theme, and surrounded by lush tropical valley views, CasCades Restaurant is acclaimed as one of the island’s top dining venues, has been awarded numerous accolades throughout the years which include Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Bali 2015 by NOW! Bali Magazine, Asia’s Finest Restaurant Top 500 2013 by The Miele Guide, Indonesia’s Top Five Restaurants 2011/2012 by The Miele Guide, and The Awards of Excellence 2007 by Wine Spectator USA for its superb wine list comprising of over 160 different quality wines from around the world suiting a range of different tastes and various prices.

The Viceroy Bar features some of the finest wines, cognacs, scotches, Japanese whiskies, spirits, and cigars in all of Southeast Asia. With its exceptional view of the Petanu River gorge and easy, open-air design, the lounge is a convivial place to relax before or after dinner at CasCades Restaurant or a jaunt into Ubud.


Lembah Spa offers soothing views of the Petanu River valley to complement the therapeutic body treatments offered at this fastidiously managed day spa. All body treatments were developed by a certified Swiss therapist to combine Western knowledge with traditional Balinese wellness techniques. A very special option: Intraceuticals oxygen facial treatments, including Rejuvenate, Opulence, Axotene, and Clarity. The common theme: Lembah Spa emphasizes health and meditation together with relaxation and beauty.

For those wanting to enjoy the activity beyond the island’s tranquility and its jungles, the retreat offers a chance to get to know the Balinese culture and to learn a traditional dance, or get to know how to make kite or even how to do the “offering”. Guests are also offered different cycling programs, rice paddy track and sunrise trekking, as well as yoga and cooking classes.

There is no doubt that Viceroy Bali is a paradigm of private fantasy jungle with a private helicopter pad, conference room, award-winning restaurant and spa, where the guests and their activities are related to jungle’s exceptional natural wealth, a zealously preserved and fussed over Balinese heritage.

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Written by Alina Dyachenko for Luxuria Lifestyle

Photo credit: Stephan Kotas


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