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January 21, 2018

Who among us, after experiencing lengthy airport queues, flight delays and crowded commercial flights, hasn’t longed for our own personal jet – along with all the freedom it would entail? For clients of UAE-based Empire Aviation Group, those dreams are coming true.

Over the course of a decade, UAE-based Empire Aviation Group has re-defined luxury air travel – whether for business or leisure – with its innovative solutions for those who are ready to take their travel experience to the next level.

Of course, it’s not as easy as simply deciding to buy a plane. Given the extreme complexities and high entry costs involved in acquiring and operating a private jet, Empire Aviation Group (or EAG) has carved out a niche among discerning clientele by offering a 360-degree service proposition. The group supports all aspects of private ownership, from helping clients source and select their aircraft, to arranging financing and insurance, to providing dedicated, in-house flight operations teams who deliver an array of services – everything from flight planning to ground handling for the aircraft, passengers and crew.

The highly experienced team at EAG is uniquely qualified to handle every facet of private jet ownership, offering a seamless and inclusive experience. Since launching its UAE operations in 2007, the group has expanded into every continent and built a managed fleet of over 20 aircraft from all of the major global manufacturers. The team has grown to include more than 150 people, in the air and on the ground, all of whom share one goal: delivering consistently excellent service along every step of the jet ownership journey.

A complete and transparent partnership

A private jet is undoubtedly one of life’s ultimate luxuries – as well as a highly practical business resource. It offers the pleasures of freedom and privacy to upper-echelon executives flying for business, as well as luxury travellers who require expediency, as well as discretion. For these clients, investing in and owning sophisticated aviation technology involves more than just buying and flying a jet: it requires a trusted adviser as a guide. Increasingly, it’s EAG’s complete and transparent financial model of aircraft ownership these clients opt for.

As Paras Dhamecha, Executive Director at Empire Aviation Group explains, “Successful aircraft owner-manager relationships are built on trust and openness. Our owners take a keen interest in their aircraft, and we actively encourage working partnerships with them.”

EAG plays an instrumental role in helping clients select and operate their private jets. It’s a highly specialised field that requires specific skills and experience to ensure the client gets the right aircraft for their needs, and that the financing, insurance, and regulatory issues are taken care of.

EAG offers a host of other amenities as well, including flight charters, VIP limousine and chauffeur services, Meet & Assist services, personal security, and hotel booking – all designed to provide clients with the utmost in luxury, safety, and customer service, both in the air and on the ground.

It’s part of the seamless experience EAG clients have come to rely on. As Paras Dhamecha puts it,“very simply, leave it to the experts. For us, it’s all about understanding the objectives of ownership, because each owner is a distinct business model and needs a tailored business plan to optimise the aircraft. And for owners, it should be as easy as picking up the phone and saying ‘we want to go from there to there’ and we take care of the rest.”

Expanding the Empire

From its beginnings in 2007, Empire Aviation Group now manages a diverse portfolio of aircraft operating from the UAE, Oman, India, Africa and Hong Kong – as well as providing a dedicated aircraft sales operation in the US. The group has also acquired an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for aircraft management and charter from San Marino CAA, which means EAG’s aircraft can now operate commercially worldwide; and an NSOP in India which has opened up new opportunities in the subcontinent for private aviation services including management and charter. EAG’s aircraft operations also extend into Hong Kong serving local/regional markets and mainland China.

EAG may have benefited from the UAE’s position as an international aviation centre, with its world-class infrastructure and facilities for private aircraft and charter passengers. But there’s no doubting that it’s a company with global appeal.

With aviation management providers such as EAG changing the playing field, aircraft ownership is becoming a more realistic option for more businesses.

Private jet ownership is increasingly regarded as a business tool that can get you to your customers quickly, with minimal hassle and maximum convenience and flexibility. What’s more, there’s an unsurpassed level of privacy and personal attention and for businesses, private jets can act as ‘an on-board office’, allowing executives to work efficiently and in comfort throughout the journey.

Not only has the EAG model won over clients, it’s won a number of industry awards as well. In October 2017, the group took its third consecutive win as Aircraft Management Service Provider of the Year at the annual Aviation Business Middle East Awards. Accepting the 2017 award, Managing Director Paras Dhamecha remarked, “This is recognition for the entire EAG team. We are all dedicated to supporting our aircraft owners with a highly personalised level of service and unique asset management approach.” And with its global presence steadily expanding, Empire Aviation Group is clearly spreading its wings to fly.

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