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May 30, 2017

Christopher Graham, Executive Chef

When you land in Dubai for the first time, one always wants to get a first glimpse of Burj Khalifa as it is Dubai’s most iconic landmark. Some people take in the view from the Dubai Mall Fountains, others even go up to the observation deck to enjoy the scenery, but very few lucky ones relish an exclusive meal on floor 122 while looking down on the most amazing modern city in the world.  At.mosphere, the highest restaurant in the world in the highest building in the world, is a unique experience I assure you will never forget, I won’t, that is for sure.

Now even though the restaurant is on floor 122, the experience starts at ground level as you arrive at Burj Khalifa’s Corporate Suites lobby. Everything is impeccably organised and tailored so you have an amazing experience from minute one. As the lift doors close, you get a very special sensation…Going up? Yes, we are, to At.mosphere on floor 122 for dinner.

You feel a smooth rush and wow, after only 45 seconds you are at the top!  The lift doors open and the view is mind blowingly spectacular. We were shown to our stylishly appointed table in a fabulous restaurant, chic and stylish and when we were comfortably seated we were able to fully appreciate the vista. The skyline was simply stunning, even as a resident of Dubai it was a great surprise.

Admiring the views, we were in no rush to be served, but we were here to eat, so we perused the menu at leisure.  We were given a choice between two fixed menu experiences, both created using the finest natural ingredients from around the world; a five-course menu or a seven-course menu. You may also choose your food from the menu in the traditional way, but trust me, you will never make up your mind and if you’re a foodie my advice would be to let the chef decide for you and enjoy. Each dish is designed to be enjoyed on its own, blending perfectly with other dishes when served in the right order. From the starter to the dessert, everything was served with the best wines and were artistically presented and well balanced to ensure complete culinary perfection.

Sadly, our delicious seven course meal at At.mosphere came to an end all too soon, or so it felt, and as we left the restaurant we felt satisfied we had experienced a most special dining meal. We took a last glimpse at the view and vowed we would return soon, as for us it was even better than the dream. It is a great sensation to drive past now and say, “we had dinner up there and can’t wait to return”.

The entire menu changes four times a year, seasonally, so make sure you don’t miss the next experience and book in advance to avoid disappointment, it’s a wonderful spot for a special occasion or a romantic dinner for two.

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