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January 8, 2020

Aliel creators of beautiful and timeless jewellery

The essence of Aliel is the ability to breathe life into stones. For Aliel, jewellery is the product not only of great craftsmanship and creativity but also of profound emotions. Beautiful and timeless, their jewellery creations combine ancient traditions with natural materials through cutting-edge technology. With nature being the primary influence of the brand, they seek to reflect the beauty of the natural world in each of their jewellery creations.

From rare fancy-coloured diamonds to fiery Burmese rubies, Aliel seeks the finest natural stones that can be found and transforms them into stunning works of art. From the simplest to the most ornate, each Aliel piece of jewellery reflects a passion for the unusual and a freshness of thought. Like nature, they do not believe in the repetitive or the formulaic. Myriad influences shape their thinking and are reflected in the uniqueness of their creations. The creative energy of Aliel jewellery emanates from the gemstone itself. Aliel creations are simple, elegant and use the naked stone as the focal point. A team of gemologists have been carefully trained to procure such stones from across the globe. The gems are then hand-picked by a group of professionals composed of a senior gemologist as well as a designer. They are then re-cut to perfection before they result in an Aliel creation. Cutting-edge and sophisticated, all Aliel jewellery pieces are made with the confident woman in mind who has a strong appreciation of the avant-garde.


Aliel has a talented multi-cultural team of designers who are united in their quest to create jewellery that is original and innovative. Their ability to harness the synergy and creativity of a global design team is one of their biggest strengths. The way their artists create an Aliel piece of jewellery is exceptional!

The team selects individual stones and begins by placing them on a blank paper, letting them flow around on the page. When inspiration is found, an outline for a design emerges. Thereafter, the drawing of the piece takes place and is followed by the technical aspect of joining, fitting, movement and proportions.

Aliel searches the world for the most skilled craftsmen in the trade whether they are setters, model makers, or ‘carvers’. Their master craftsmen have decades of experience and share a common passion for artistic originality and perfection. These talented individuals have formed a team of unparalleled jewellery makers producing some of the finest and most delicate pieces of art in the world of jewellery. Through their cutting-edge facilities, skilled artisans and technology, they combine their exploration of diverse artistic traditions with the highest quality of craftsmanship.


Aliel Fantazia Collection

This contemporary collection incorporates cutting-edge techniques and bold artistic forms. The collection includes pieces that fuse two different gemstones together, to create playful and imaginative designs. Created through new technologies and materials, such as aluminium, silver, semi-precious stones, as well as Amber, the emergence of art and jewellery is characteristic of this collection.

Aliel Classic Collection

This timeless collection is made up of elegant jewels that are forever coveted by the discerning woman. From precious stones in understated but exquisite settings, each uniquely, created by their master craftsmen in Italy, these classic pieces form the foundation for any jewellery collection. Refined, sophisticated to wear, and eternally in style, the enduring appeal of these creations transcends time.

Aliel Imperial Collection

This magnificent collection of bridal jewellery evokes the grandeur of royalty. Created for special occasions, these are pieces that demand a show of brilliant splendour. Fit for a queen, each piece incorporates rare stones in fabulous settings to create ravishing jewellery that transforms the wearer and is sure to turn heads.

Aliel Cufflinks Collection

Aliel puts strong importance to the aesthetic desires of men through a collection of intricate cufflinks. Available in a variety of precious metals and innovative designs, their cufflinks are mounted with precious stones complemented with other natural materials resulting in truly spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces, of wearable art.

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