Xerjoff, “Naturale Exquisite”, The Perfection of Nature and Man’s Ability.

September 2, 2016

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Xerjoff is an Italian, Turin based, Luxury Perfume House fully dedicated to luxury fragrance in its art form.

Talking about Xerjoff means going beyond the olfactory dimension, 
to enter a wider universe, where the perceptive and sensorial areas are blended together,
 to rediscover the golden ages when the art of perfumery was hand-in-hand with the multi-sensorial arts of their bottle holders.

Created by the artisan expertise of the master perfumers of Grasse, Xerjoff is a journey towards the discovery of the most precious part of the fascinating territory of essences, the place where the unique alliance between the millenary knowledge of Nature and technological research is celebrated.

The exclusive nature of the raw materials, selected from the very-best- offered by the traditional export countries is matched with meticulous attention to details, right down to the creation of surprising sculpture flacons carved out of Quartz stone, Murano glass, Precious and Semi-precious Stones and other premium materials.

Purple Xerjoff


Nature exploitation: Xerjoff epitomizes luxury born from the natural world.
Italian craftsmanship & French Fragrance sophistication.
Ongoing research into new Concepts based on Nature
and unique Cultural elements.
True passion – “Family owned business”.


Italian design & concept development.
Combination of design aesthetics and modern techniques.
Leverage generations of Italian Artisanal Producers jewelry, wood, glass, precious metals & stones, leather….
10 years of established relationship
with World’s best fragrance designers/developers in Grasse, South of France.


XJ fragrances are distilled & blended in Grasse, Spain and Italy with dedicated noses.

Pink Cassermorati


Precious & semi-precious stones cut and shaped in Valenza Po (North Italy).
Murano (Venice) for handblown limited edition perfume flacons.
Glass flacons produced in historic Tuscan glass factory, Spain and Italy. Wood works and gold plating in Turin (Northern Italy).
Brass & bronze brass stopper created and plated in Linate – Milano. Leather works (fine leathers and snake/crocodile skins)
treated and hand sewn in Turin and Florence.


Fragrance Production in France, Spain and Italy => Shipped to Italy => Convert from raw fragrance to finished product in Italy => Assembled in Italy => Export.


2) Expertise
3) Careful quality control



Celebrates the marriage between earths beauty and man artistic nature. Once only available in Limited Edition Murano art pieces, the new XJ 17/17 – 100 ml flacons offer a natural extension to the XJ line. Each flacon is fitted with a hand cut and hand polished stone and each piece contains an exquisitely crafted scent representing man’s union with nature. No two flacons are the same. Only the world’s finest ingredients from all corners of the world are used to create these masterful blends.


Entirely dedicated to the traditions of Arab perfume making, the OUD STARS collection is created with prestigious distillations of pure Oud from the plantations of Laos, India and Borneo.

Extensive research and limited production of OUD STARS has been finalized with the firm intention of creating a special collection faithful to the traditions of Arab perfume making while integrating the luxurious style and creativity of Xerjoff perfumes. The names of each perfume has been linked to an ancient book called “Travel of Ibn Battuta” written in 1325 ad. Ibn Battuta, also know as the Marco Polo of the Arab world, described the life and culture of many cities from North Africa to the Far East leaving a great written testimony of that era.


The avant-garde bouquets of these sophisticated scents are based on the ancient recipes and traditions of Grasse, but have also been inspired by an amazing natural wonder.

In 1947, an awe-inspiring shower of meteorites fell
to earth in Russia. It was a still, frosty, almost cloudless morning of February 12, 1947 in Eastern Siberia, when at 10:38 local time a glow appeared in the sky, clearly visible in a full sunlight.

The bottle, which is crowned with a hand crafted gold plated stopper, is graced
with art deco style plaque, also gold plated, depicts a falling star. Presented in gift box, each fragrance is accompanied
by a certificate that guarantees the origin and preciousness of the meteorite pieces enclosed in the box.

Shooting stars is an inspiring collection that makes you believe that stars can be closer than we think.


Xerjoff Vintage Casamorati Collection recreates the history of the glorious house of fragrances founded in Italy between
the 18th and the 19th century, with the intention to safeguard its historical and artistic heritage of that glamorous era.

La “Fabbrica di Profumi C.Casamorati” established in Bologna in 1888 was in exquisite fragrances and various sophisticated bath soaps.

During those years of production, Casamorati received numerous awards and precious rewards from major national and international exhibitions.

XJ 1861

Developed from a love of aesthetics,
an artistic heritage feeds and refines creativity and pervades every aspect of Italian life.
150 years mark an important anniversary for Italy and Xerjoff is celebrating this moment with the release of XJ 1861,
an homage to the grandeur and glamor
of our home country.


JTC is the new perfume collection from Xerjoff, broken down into 11 extraordinary creations of 50ml each, a new way to understand perfume.
Each essence in reality evokes a members-only club, a place with a well-defined atmosphere that lightens up time, condensed into moments of pure pleasure, because the present is so intense. A club where you can share unique, out-of-the-ordinary moments, thanks to unconventional perfumes, authentic olfactory codes that are recognised as members of that club.

Every fragrance is a tribute to a feeling that lights up and gives colour to life in the electric blue of the bottle.
The same flash of colour is seen on the five-sided JTC bottle. An essential line, the perfect connection between the eleven perfumes, each with its own outstanding personality. The glass is brilliant crystalline, almost reminiscent of the abstractness of the moment. The gilt stopper and the Xerjoff signature underline the sumptuousness of the creation, a soulful place of bewitching charm.

For further details please contact Sergio Momo by Mobile +39 3491993663, email: or take a look at the Xerjoff website.

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