Van Eyck Pushing the Boundaries of Design with Luxury Fine Jewelry

August 24, 2015

Van Eyck is a high-end Belgian jeweler pushing the boundaries of jewelry design and craftsmanship to create exquisite works of art from the finest diamonds, exclusively for world’s most discerning consumers.

Named after the remarkable Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck considered to be one of the most significant artists of the fifteenth Century, Van Eyck Jewelry represents the marriage of art and jewelry with strong heritage.

As a matter of facts, Jan Van Eyck is one of the first painters to portray the reflection of light caught by jewelry and gems in such a way that forces you to reach out and touch the painting.  His ingenious approach to oil painting revolutionised artists’ technique, and changed the course of the Renaissance.

From its origins in the world’s diamond capital Antwerp, where Founder Alon Garty lived and worked, to the London-based Creative Designer Ivonna Poplanska who won the British Jubilee prize in 2012 for a broach she designed exclusively for Queen Elizabeth II, the brand has gathered remarkable experts to ensure its rings are well away from the norm.

The pieces are all limited edition and owners receive the original sketches by the designer, along with information about the bird that inspired the specific piece.  Dedicated to working with the world’s most unflawed and rare diamonds, Van Eyck handpicks the finest natural fancy color diamonds for all of its rings.  A delicate pink sapphire is also set on the inside of each piece, as a hallmark intended to be only seen by the owner – another sentiment to how the smallest of details have been considered.

It’s not only the rings that are unique, the creative team has revolutionized the way each piece is presented to its clients and developed a highly original, whimsically styled box, so intricate and unusual that customers will value the packaging in its own right. Van Eyck Fine Jewelry is not only a jewelry brand; it is an organization which gives identity, emotions, and dreams

Van Eyck’s inaugural collection, Birds of Papua, consists of just 25 intricately designed rings inspired by remarkable animals native to Papua New Guinea.  Only ten of each ring design will ever be made and once the 250-piece collection is released no more will ever become available.

Van Eyck ethically sources its diamonds and works closely with the Kimberly Process, a UN organization that assures miners have good working conditions and money is not financing rebels or terrorist groups.

Each collection supports a particular cause at the heart of its inspiration and goes further than just giving back part of the revenue; it has a very real impact over a long-term partnership.  The Birds of Papua collection supports the Papua Bird Club, in honour of the country and animals that inspired each of the rings.  The charity founded by Shita Prativi, who has become Van Eyck’s first Muse because of the values she shares with the brand, aims to teach children in isolated areas of South East Asia to read and write and guides them through bird watching and protecting the natural environment.

Based in Hong Kong, Van Eyck Jewelry opened a branch in Dubai, last December 2014. Dubai’s most discerning jewelry buyers, socialites and fashion figures, flocked to Opera Gallery Dubai for the exclusive launch of Van Eyck Jewelry in the Middle East. The event was attended by Her Excellency Dominique Mineur, Ambassador of the Republic of Belgium to the United Arab Emirates, who made a short speech praising Van Eyck’s entrance into the region. Also, Van Eyck Jewelry had the great honor and pride that Her Royal Highness, Princess Astrid of Belgium, was wearing one of Van Eyck Jewelry rings during the official reception in Dubai as a part of the Belgium mission in the U.A.E in March 2015!

Today, jewelry are not just a lovely gift to celebrate love & happiness; it became a viable and alternative investment. With demand for expensive large stones continuing to surge, it can generate above market returns… In contrast to precious metals, there is no universal world price per gram for diamonds. As seen in recent spectacular auctions at Christies or Sotheby’s that keep on breaking new record prices, diamonds are attracting more and more buyers motivated by investment purposes.

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