Chateau Blanc – New Concept of Luxury Patisier & Chocolatier

January 3, 2018

Meet Dubai’s new favorite spot for bespoke cakes and handmade chocolate. Not only do they look beautiful, they taste as good as they look.

Chateau Blanc Patisier & Chocolatier is not just another cake boutique in Dubai, it’s a whole new concept of excellent quality and service specifically designed and tailored towards the UAE market. They propose the UAE’s most beautiful and delicious pastries and confectionaries such as cakes, 3D cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cookies, pralines and chocolates. You can be sure all the sweets are home made and have an exceptional taste as some of the recipes are kept in secret.

We met the General Manager of Chateau Blanc, Nikola Ivanov, in it’s first flagship boutique in Jumeirah to get to know more about this exciting concept.

LL: Nikola, tell us about the history of the brand and how the idea of Chateau Blanc was born?

N: We have an extensive experience within the industry in Indonesia as one of the largest F&B groups in the country, we also have a numerous boutiques in such countries as Australia, so we bring a wealth of experience to the table.  We always had an idea to start a luxury boutique concept in Dubai as it’s one of the world’s main hubs . We couldn’t think of a better place to start with!

We opened our flagman boutique in Jumeirah this summer, and we are already preparing a new opening in Abu Dhabi. So we have big plans for UAE and the region in general.

LL: There are so many patisiery concepts in Dubai. What makes you different?

N: The range and uniqness of products make us different from all the other concepts of Dubai. Believe me you have to try our customized 3D cakes to know what I’m talking about! In Chateau Blanc we have a wide range of amazing sweets for any taste, made by hand using unique recipes carried from all over the world. We have a range of 17 cakes, 20 cupcakes, 12 macarons, 14 pralines, 22 types of cookies, nuts and so on… Not even mentioning our bespoke 3D cakes and wedding cakes. We have a saying at Chateau Blanc, «Our limitation is your imagination».

LL: Sounds impressive! Tell us what is that uniqness that you are talking about?

N: We carry a wealth of experience in perfecting the customer experience and preferences to create the most beautiful and delicious pastries. We are proud to produce delicate and authentic French style cakes, created with no compromise. We are a specialized patisserie, with a focus on creating true works of edible art. All of our products have been meticulously crafted using artisan techniques, utilizing world class ingredients to ensure supreme taste, combined with our technical expertise. We attentively strive to provide each and every customer with a truly uniquely bespoke, and tailored customer experience. We stop at nothing in going above and beyond customer requests. Plus we use only the best ingredients from all over the world – premium Belgium chocolate, best French cream and butter, and of course best and most fresh local products. So we make sure our products unique not only by look, but by taste as well.

LL: Tell us more about your famous 3D and wedding cakes?

N: There are many companies who produce 3D cakes in Dubai, but none of them use chocolate as a modeling material as it’s not easy to do. Chocolate melts too fast and you have to be very fast and innovative to make it look good and tasty. Our craftsmans can do amazing things out of chocolate… you will be impressed! You can choose any cake from our creative catalogue or give us your ideas, so you can be sure your cake is unique and no one else will have the same one.

In Chateau Blanc we truly understand the immense significance of creating the perfect wedding cake. Our personalized service starts out with understanding the customer’s requests and expectations. Our team of dedicated cake artists start with mapping out a mood board, and executing the perfect wedding cake with a determined focus on exceeding any particular requests. All of this expertise, tailored with supreme ingredients translates towards exceptional quality and taste.

It truly brings us great pleasure in playing such an iconic part of peoples special day, and we work with our hearts in crafting the perfect cake, 3D cake or Wedding cake for each and everyone. Not only do they look beautiful, they taste as good as they look.

LL: Three signature sweets of Chateau Blanc?

N: If you are here in Chateau Blanc I would definitely recommend to try our Nutty Nutella Cake – it’s sweet, crunchy and so smooth. Also, our strawberry cheesecake is truly the best cheesecake I’ve ever tried.  It’s light, with the perfect amount of creaminess to melt in your mouth. Another favourite is our pistachio milk cake. We’ve truly elevated the popular milk cake to something not seen before. With that said, we pay great attention to all of our products, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

LL: What would you recommend to try in Chateau Blanc apart of sweets?

N: We in Chateau Blanc have something for everybody. Anyone can have fun here! We have amazing choice of breakfast which you can have sitting on our upper terrrace while enjoying beautiful Burj Al Arab and beach views. We have interesting lunch and dinner offers, we worked really hard on our mocktail menu so anyone can enjoy it. You can visit us for a business meeting, or just come with your friends, even kids would find a plenty things to play with.

LL: Do you have any additional services?

N: We truly cater to any customer requests on a personalized level. We have a range of customized goodies, such as macaroons, cookies and 3D cupcakes which can be perfect for events, corporate events or for any specific reason. We offer a tailored catering service to truly go above and beyond our clients dreams.

LL: Why clients in UAE should choose Chateau Blanc among other similar shops?

N: Quite honestly, it all comes down to our attention to detail. We have truly meticulously examined all aspects of our concepts down to the finest detail, from the design to our store to each and every one of our products. Everything you can find here is entirely home-made with our own recipes, using the finest ingredients. You can come to Chateau Blanc on a regular basis and still find something new for yourself each time as our range is quite big and we are proud of that. We have something for everyone, and I don’t think many concepts can offer this service to our standard.

Interview by Alina Dyachenko for Luxuria Lifestyle

Photo credits: Chateau Blanc, MF Clicks Facebook

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