The Palm Grill exudes class and sophistication at The Ritz Carlton, Dubai

March 2, 2016


No matter where you are on the planet, when you hear somebody mention the Ritz Carlton, one immediately thinks of a perfect balance between luxury and class, so a Barbeque at The Palm Grill in the Ritz Carlton Dubai on bonfire night sounded like a perfect plan, with a touch of adventure for a Friday night.

Upon arrival at the Ritz Carlton, we were greeted warmly by staff of the hotel who guided us towards the Palm Grill restaurant, which is located on the beach as close to the water as you can go without getting your feet wet. The walk to the restaurant through the Hotel is majestic. The hotel Lobby, the impressive staircase leading down to the garden, the walk through the gardens and fountains to the beach, made it feel like we were going somewhere remote, although we had never actually left Dubai Marina, which made it even more special despite the fact that we were quite hungry.

We were welcomed by extremely friendly multi-cultural staff that showed us around the restaurant, showing good knowledge of the food being served and where it had come from and how it had been prepared. We choose a table inside, although there were also tables outside, and began to explore the wide variety of food available. There was so much to choose from that it was good that there was always somebody close to help you with your choice.

The star of the night was the succulent fresh grilled Lobster, which in combination with the chilled white wine made the evening magical. Everybody at The Palm Grill made us feel at home throughout the evening, topping up our glasses constantly during the meal.

I must admit I am a dessert enthusiast, so I always save some space to try the last but not least player in a restaurant experience. I wondered over to the dessert area after our meal and was given a description of each option. All were perfect sized portions of intense and varied tastes, stunningly presented and great for sharing with those who were too full to go to the dessert table, but happy to try what I had chosen.

It wasn’t until we left The Palm Grill, that we realised we weren’t on a beach in the Caribbean. As we walked back through the aromatic gardens and romantic fountains towards the Ritz Carlton Lobby, the tax elegantl buildings and lights of the Dubai Marina gave it away, although we were left with the feeling of having been much further away that just a walk down to the beach.

Written by Juan Perez

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