That day you realize you can buy your freedom !

September 22, 2016

Karen Jet

Having a second passport has become a new type of investment among the HNWI.

For whom can afford, spending in luxury goods, like jewellery, real estate, yacht, cars is something that is part of a shopping list.

There is some must haves in life like a Cartier watch, a Harry Winston pink diamond solitaire, a yacht in Monte Carlo, an apartment in London, a Chalet in Switzerland and even easier to own (or rent!) a private jet to travel anywhere at the last minute!

More reasonably, business people are obliged to jump in a plane to travel the world for a meeting just to make things happen!

You easily can do that when you are French or German but for other nationalities this is another story!

For some political reasons certain nationalities are very restricted to travel, especially to Europe and the United States, some others would have some financial interests in putting their assets in a tax free country.

Some other people want to secure their family’s life because they are facing a war.

And most commonly the need of studying abroad in some of the best universities is really let’s say… Mandatory!

Being free of movement is now so possible regardless your origins! You just need to surf on THE new wave:
Citizenship by investment!

More than 10 countries around the globe having some agreements with European countries, USA and the UK, have elaborated some programmes to become a permanent resident or a citizen, that will give you the same rights as if you were a national. Such exciting news.

Let’s browse on which nationality to choose, what it has to offer and under which condition

European countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta Benefits of the Programs:

You can obtain Naturalization/ EU Passport & Citizenship from 3 months to 5 years
Visa free travel to all European countries and many non EU countries
Live, work, access to healthcare and study anywhere in the EU
Two main Investment options are possible: Real Estate or Government bonds
Dependent Children up to 25 years can be included
No language test is required
No requirement to live in the country
Free Movement of Services: Individual citizens and their companies can offer services within EU member states without obstacles
High Standard of Living

Caribbean Islands

Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada Saint Kitts & Nevis and Saint Lucia
Passport that give access to over 130 countries without need for a visa for UK, Shenghen and 10 years visa for US
Lifetime Citizenship with Dual Citizenship allowed
Citizenship for Dependent family members (Spouse, Children up to 25 years old and parents)
An efficient and uncomplicated process for Citizenship by Investment with a short 60 working day process time

Investment options

Government donation:

Project Investment shareholding Real State shareholding / ownership.

To make it clear, all these citizenship programmes can be acquired from USD 100,000 to EUR 2.5 million, depending on which country and which type of investment.

The process to obtain a second passport requires a list of certified documents to provide to the registered citizenship company, you will not be able to request it on your own.

To make this process easy you can re on Riftrust a company established in Dubai, having branches in Alicante, Aman, Beirut, Hong Kong, Panama and Zurich.

“We have seen the demand on 2nd passport to increase significantly in the last 3 years, and we can clearly see how it has changed the life of our clients and their families” Said Mimoun Assraoui, Founder of Riftrust.

Riftrust team uses an extensive network of the finest immigration lawyers in each of its respective country programs, who hold the strongest relationships at governmental level. This means they are able to handle complex scenarios and answer concerns immediately with authorities.

Riftrust experts are helping to choose the right Citizenship program.

Having a dual nationality gives ones some opportunities, opens some borders and may restore the freedom of action that is sometimes blocking our life’s potential and the future of our children.

In these economically and politically fragile times, isn’t it time to buy a second passport as a plan B?

For more information please go to  Riftrust Citizenship

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