Second Passport, say Hello to freedom 

July 2, 2017

Citizenship is something that can not be chosen at birth. However, nowadays investing in an alternative passport can be a powerful tool. Therefore a second nationality acquisition have become an indispensable deal for businessmen and wealthy families all around the world.

While some programs offer the possibility of gaining citizenship in exchange for an approved business or real estate investment as well as including the whole family members, some more affordable options are possible by making a contribution to a government development fund starting from USD$ 100,000.

Depending on requirements, Caribbean, Oceanian and European passports can give access to more than 120 countries including UK, Shengen area, Hong Kong, Singapore. Traveling, healthcare, education are only some tangible attributes, the real value of this investment is security.

Citizenship by investment is a deal that allows to obtain a second nationality in a matter of months and improve life for the better. It is a purchase of splendor available for the lucky few.

RIF TRUST  provides only programs supported by governments and we are dealing with our governmental partners with no intermediaries. This allows us to provide the most competitive prices and the best conditions for our clients.

Our multicultural team allows us to deal with an international and high profile clientele. Along with that, our connection with the governmental bodies of respective countries guarantees security and ensures trust.

Second Citizenship is for life and will come with many questions and challenges. We won’t leave you in the dark once you have received your passports. Our aftercare service extends much further than just submitting your application and we gladly help clients with topics such as transfer of resident visas, consular introductions and travel questions. Our clients tell us this is one of the most helpful parts of working with RIF TRUST.

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