Lagonda Taraf marks the entry of the £400k super saloon

December 4, 2014

On the day that Dr Andy Palmer takes up position as the new CEO of Aston Martin, he has revealed that the brand could consider selling its recently revealed Lagonda super-saloon in markets other than the Middle East.

Andy Palmer addressed an audience at an exclusive Dubai hotel and officially announced that the car would be called the ‘Lagonda Taraf’.  The word, Taraf translates as ‘ultimate luxury’ in the Middle East.  The new saloon has received unprecedented levels of interest and will arrive next year with a price tag widely tipped to be in excess of £400,000.

At the time the Lagonda saloon was originally announced as a future production car, the Gaydon-based company was insistent that it would be sold exclusively in the Middle East “by invitation” and would be built in strictly limited number – 100, to be exact. However, the change of position coincides with Dr Palmer’s arrival to take the helm of the company.  If it is being considered for sale worldwide, that also means that the UK could also be the recipient of some models, although these would be tiny numbers.

Aston Martin’s CEO told the assembled audience: “It is clear from the initial reaction to the car that interest from around the world is extremely high and I can confirm today that we are also evaluating the opportunity to offer this Lagonda in other markets.”

The emphasis on the rear-seat passengers is also confirmed by the advanced infotainment and climate control system, the controls nestling in the raised central console which separates the two rear seats.  Gorgeous aluminium trim surrounds the controls.

The dashboard is not included in the photographs, but the centre-console looks to be familiar Aston Martin fare.  However, we would expect there to be some extensive updates to this and we speculate that this is the case, otherwise there would be no reason for Aston Martin not to share the pictures.

Aston Martin are coy about the technical details. Insiders suggest that it would have in-excess of 565bhp to play with from its thunderous 5.9-litre V12. Drive will be sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.  Performance from the engine which will lurk under that expansive bonnet and should be commensurate with the Aston Martin brand.  Therefore, expect a top speed that will be close to 200mph with acceleration to 62mph from a standing start expected in less than 5.0-seconds.

Underpinning the new Aston Martin Lagonda will be the VH platform.  This is the same platform that underpins all current Aston Martin models, but for the Taraf, it will be significantly stretched to produce the amount of rear space that will be essential for a top-flight luxury saloon.

The Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf has been developed by Aston’s chief designer, Marek Reichmann.  As will be seen from our headline picture, the exterior styling borrows heavily from the iconic wedge shape from the William Towns-designed 1976 Lagonda.  This is particularly true in the sharply sculpted boot, roofline and flanks.  Naturally, it features a few modern touches with slight influences from Aston’s only other four-door model, the Rapide.

The new Lagonda Taraf will employ cutting edge technology, including deploying carbon fibre in the bodywork.  This will be in keeping with the 1976 model which itself pioneered the use of LED instrumentation.  Each model will be hand-built at the Gaydon factory in Warwickshire. It will utilise the same facilities that were used to produce the One-77 and the CC100 roadster that was overseen by the company’s special projects division, ‘Q by Aston Martin’.

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