Flying reimagined with Etihad Airways

March 29, 2015

Etihad Airways now sits in as one of the top 10 airlines globally and with it’s #6 spot it’s no surprise considering the many on-board perks!  These perks include: headsets that can be used to communicate with other passengers who are seated on your flight, and in any class; plus a nanny on-hand for extra help when flying with small children.  We fly tomorrow to Dubai, but sorry, Etihad… on another airline that we already booked before my tour!  I would have loved to see your nanny in action with #stuffZoiesays

‘The Residence’ as seen in the TV commercial with Nicole Kidman also comes equipped with its own butler for you (don’t expect someone named Keith) – and don’t forget to book your limo ride to and from the airport – that comes with your room in the sky too!

For those who have flown to the U.S, you know how frustrating it can be to clear customs.  Well, Etihad, staying ahead of the curve, has a U.S customs clearance in Abu Dhabi which, for those living the expat life, why not puddle jump through Abu Dhabi where no matter which class you fly in, this is just part of their service!

Going to Paris? A direct SQ flight to Europe is approximately 12 hours, alternatively you can choose 1-stop with Etihad connecting in Abu Dhabi.  The arrival time is the same as the direct flight, but the stop allows you to stretch your legs for those who need it.  I know sometimes you just want to get there… but if 12 consecutive hours on a plane doesn’t tickle your fancy, this option might. [I know my fancy hurts sitting on it for 12 hours]

As any airline, you have a plethora of airplane food with choices; an Arabian-inspired dish, Western (chicken or fish), and a vegetarian option.  When booking flights most airlines will cater to dietary restraints so if you are on an all carb diet, let them know upon booking… err… or if you are gluten-free. However, the GF guests will miss out on the in-house bakery items where one roll is an exclusive secret recipe.  Yum!

With Etihad they take pride in you being a guest in their home no matter which class you are in.  Guest response is important to them; for example: your food choice ran out?  Expect a letter of apology upon arrival and in some cases that letter is accompanied by points or even a flight voucher!  (I wish I had that last year offered to me on my Air Canada business class flight to Paris from Toronto, where my movies wouldn’t work and the flight was full – *cough cough* Air Canada…)

Thanks to Etihad Airways for offering the tour and tastings with other Luxury Network members!

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