Caratell is proud to present this extremely clean and rare of the rarest gems.

August 22, 2016

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One of the rarest gem in the world, it was 1st discover in Utah, 1904 by Maynard Bixby. In honor of him they name it Bixbite. But the true gem quality was discovered in 1958 at the Wah Wah mountains.

The gem gets its red from Manganese, along with small amounts of iron, chromium, and calcium which take place of the aluminum in beryl structure. Consistent mining of the Red Beryl in the Wah Wah Mountains has only taken place since 1978, but the mine yielded only a small amount of rough (deposit yielded about 0.5 carat of facetable red beryl per ton of ore, with at least 2,000 tons of ore extracted each year.) it was agreed that it was too costly to continue mining, and the mine closed down permanently in 2001.

Most red beryl gemstones are under 1/2 a carat in weight and a 2-3 carat would be considered very huge. Red beryl crystals range in color from orange-red to purplish-red with medium tones.

gems connoisseur considers red beryl to be the rarest gemstone on earth, it is so rare that only one crystal is found for every 150,000 diamonds that are mined.

Only 10% of the gemstones cut from this rare material exceed 1 carat in weight, no wonder it has been named as the top 10 rarest gems!

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