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January 18, 2016

With over fifty years of revolutionary achievement, exceptional style, performance, and reliability, Bombardier’s family of aircraft is where innovation and luxury meet.

Consistently exceeding executives’ business needs and providing our customers with advanced levels of connectivity and control, Bombardier aircraft make excellent business sense.

Passengers enjoy their Bombardier aircraft as a perfect home away from home – all the while traveling faster, farther and ever more efficiently. Traveling in uncompromising luxury to even the most remote and exotic cities, Bombardier’s passengers feel the support of a Customer Service promise that always puts Customers first – meeting their needs and those of their aircraft, everywhere they go.

Background: Bombardier’s heritage of innovation brings together more than 100 years of aviation history. The acquisition of Canadair Inc. in 1986 was the first of many moves that would see Bombardier consolidate leading talent and manufacturing experience from around the world. Over the ensuing six years, Bombardier grew in strength and stature, acquiring the world’s first aircraft production company Northern Ireland’s Short Brothers plc in 1989, U.S.-based Learjet Inc. in 1990, and de Havilland Canada in 1992.

Bombardier’s comprehensive line of business jets is the largest of any original equipment manufacturer (OEM), with three leading aircraft families. Its complete line of Learjet, Challenger and Global jets allow customers to grow within the Bombardier business aircraft family as their travel requirements evolve. Bombardier is committed to establishing an industry leading, worldwide service and support network and delivering a world-class customer experience, and as such offers a full menu of customer support and training services.

Assembled and completed at Bombardier’s Wichita, Kansa facility, Learjet aircraft define the light to midsize jet segments. Challenger aircraft lead the super-midsize to large business jet categories; they are assembled and completed at Bombardier’s Montreal facility. The flagship Global aircraft lead the field in the super-large to extra-long range business jet categories. They are built at Bombardier’s Toronto facility and completed in Montreal.

Learjet: With over 50 years of history marked by a multitude of performance records, Learjet aircraft are the world’s first purpose-built business jets. The creation of inventor Bill Lear, who designed the first Learjet aircraft based on a Swiss fighter-bomber, Learjet aircraft are renowned worldwide for their sleek ramp appeal and favored by pilots for their handling characteristics and high-performance.

Since acquiring the Learjet Corporation, Bombardier has revitalized both the brand and the product line, bringing to market no less than seven new models.

The current in-production Learjet aircraft family includes:

Learjet 70/75 aircraft: The Learjet 75 jet features the pioneering 
Bombardier Vision flight deck with an interior designed for style and comfort. It is the only business jet in its class to feature a true double-club configuration and a flat floor throughout the cabin. Its powerful engines and new winglet design allow it to soar to a maximum altitude of 51,000 ft. (15,545 m) and carry eight passengers with full fuel over a distance of 2,000 NM (3,704 km). The Learjet 75 business aircraft can also attain flying speeds up to M 0.81*. Its modern interior features a new cabin management system with individual touchscreen monitors and full audio and video control; LED lighting throughout the entire aircraft; a generous baggage suite and a spacious galley to optimize catering. The Learjet 75 aircraft can fly four passengers and two crew members non-stop from Los Angeles to Toronto*. As part of the Learjet 75 family, the Learjet 70 aircraft achieves an exceptional range greater than 2,000 nm (3,704 km) at a cruise speed of Mach 0.75. It connects Chicago-San Juan and Toluca-Minneapolis non-stop* with six passengers and two crew members.

Challenger: Challenger wide-body aircraft are among the leaders of the super-midsize to large jet categories. Designed to facilitate in flight meetings, they have set the business aviation standard for reliability, efficiency and productivity for time-pressed executives and VIPs for over 30 years. A Challenger jet is more than a means from A to Z – it’s a “boardroom in the sky.” They are the backbone of many corporate fleets.

The current Challenger business jet family includes:

Challenger 350 aircraft: The Challenger 350 jet boasts class-defining performance, a true seats full, tanks full, 3,200 NM (5,926 km) range that connects New York City with London*. The Challenger 350 jet builds upon the legendary segment defining clean-sheet Challenger 300 jet. Not only does it feature the very latest in avionics functionality, but it also offers the segment’s most advanced cabin that maximizes natural light and redefines interior comfort and design sophistication, all the while maintaining the performance attributes that have become synonymous with the Challenger family.

Challenger350 NY High res

Challenger 650 aircraft: The Challenger 650 aircraft’s enhanced engines will offer greater thrust, shorter take-off distance, extra payload capacity and greater range capabilities out of challenging airports. With a true 4,000 NM (7,408 km) range capability, the Challenger 650 business jet will connect London to New York, Dubai to London and Sao Paulo to Miami non-stop.*

The Challenger 650 aircraft’s widest-in-class cabin has been completely redesigned to offer the ultimate in-flight experience featuring redesigned seats and galley, an advanced Cabin Management System, largest-in-class HD monitors, Audio Video on Demand, Bluetooth integration and industry-leading connectivity capabilities.

The Challenger 650 aircraft will feature the Bombardier Vision flight deck, providing pilots with new levels of control and comfort, in addition to increasing situational awareness and reducing pilot workload. This combination of capabilities provides the best value in business aviation: latest generation Flight Management Computer, Synthetic Vision System (SVS), MultiScan™ weather radar and available head-up display with Enhanced Vision System (EVS).

Global: Bombardier’s flagship Global aircraft family uniquely covers the large jet category with four aircraft models, including the extra long-range segment. It is the only aircraft family to cover the 5,200 to 7,900 nm (9,630 to 14,630 km). Featuring one of the industry’s original and class-leading wide cabin, Global aircraft can link virtually any key city pair worldwide, non-stop. The fusion of grace and power, Global business jets were developed to deliver the ultimate in design, performance and luxury. Global aircraft interiors include a well-appointed aft stateroom with its own amenities, a separate and generous main cabin, and an ample galley. Because the aircraft can fly such great distances, nothing has been overlooked in providing the ideal environment for long-range missions. For example, on-board wireless networks allow executives to stay connected and productive while in flight and the advanced cabin pressurization system ensures passengers feel refreshed upon arrival.

The Bombardier Vision flight deck merges advanced design with leading edge technology. An avionics suite featuring the latest in technology is paired with superior design aesthetics to create the ultimate flight control environment. It represents yet another example of Bombardier’s commitment to innovative technological improvement.

The current Global aircraft family includes:

Global 5000 aircraft: Specifically designed to provide a highly productive working environment, the Global 5000 jet provides one of the most spacious cabins among the entry long-range segment aircraft available today. At M 0.89, it flies transcontinental distances faster than any competing aircraft in its segment. Equally important, the 
Global 5000 business jet’s outstanding balanced field performance allows the aircraft to access more airports, bringing passengers closer to their destination. With a range of 5,200 nm (9,630 km) it can connect central North America into non-stop range from continental Europe*.

Global 6000 aircraft: The Global 6000 business jet offers more cabin volume and more floor space than any other aircraft in its class. No other business jet in the ultra-long-range segment today matches the high-speed range capability and mission flexibility delivered by this aircraft. Offering the ultimate in cabin comfort, this impressive jet can link Moscow with Los Angeles non-stop with eight passengers and four crew**. It can travel 6,000 NM (11,112 km) at M 0.85 with up to eight passengers**.

Global 7000 aircraft: Featuring the first and only business jet to offer four unique living spaces, the Global 7000 aircraft will set the standard for a new category of large business jets, providing unmatched performance, flexibility, and comfort. The state-of-the-art Global 7000 aircraft will feature a wing that optimizes both short-field and high-speed, long-range performance, coupled with highly efficient engines, the largest cabin and the most advanced cockpit.

Passengers flying on the Global 7000 business jet will experience a spectacularly spacious cabin paired with an impressive long-range capability. The Global 7000 aircraft will have a range of 7,400 NM (13,705 km) at M 0.85 with 8 passengers, and will be able to connect London to Singapore* or New York City to Dubai* non-stop. The Global 7000 aircraft will also feature a maximum operating speed of M 0.925*.

Global 8000 aircraft: Flying farther than any other business jet, the Global 8000 aircraft will feature a superior three-zone cabin and an impressive range of 7,900 nm (14,631 km) at M 0.85*. It will connect Sydney-Los Angeles, Hong Kong-New York and Mumbai-New York non-stop with eight passengers*. The Global 8000 jet will reach a high-speed cruise of M 0.90.

Bombardier’s Customer Support 
Bombardier’s world class aircraft comes with best-in-class customer support.

Bombardier Business Aircraft customers have access to:

14 parts distribution facilities around the world
15 regional support offices in 11 countries
Seven wholly‐owned service centers in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as a line maintenance station in Nice
Authorized service facilities in over 20 countries
15 Customer Response Team mobile units in the U.S and in Europe
13 pre-positioned in the U.S.
2 in Europe
8 Regional Parts Depots across the globe
3 Component Repair & Overhaul facilities in the UK (Belfast) and the United States (Dallas and Wichita)
Parts satisfaction guarantee
Aircraft training
Smart Services

With just one phone call, Bombardier Business Aircraft customers have access to the Customer Services Team – 24/7 support of specialists based at our two Customer Response Centers for Business Aircraft in Montréal (Challenger and Global aircraft) and Wichita (Learjet aircraft). The centers coordinate response among support personnel around the world.

For rapid onsite support and parts delivery during Aircraft on Ground (AOG) maintenance events, Bombardier customers in the U.S. can rely on the Customer Response Team (CRT) Aircraft to shuttle parts and/or technicians anywhere in the world, ensuring they are back in the air as fast as possible.

Not only do we keep our customers flying, we also keep their budget in mind. With the introduction of several aircraft program offerings – from the Challenger MAX Program to Reliability Improvement Modification Program (RIMP) for Global aircraft and many others – we continue to reduce maintenance costs and ownership costs through reliability improvements.

* Under certain operating conditions.

This document contains information about aircraft currently under development and subject to change during the course of the design manufacture and certification process. Any statements about performance, description, or design of the Global 7000 aircraft and Global 8000 aircraft are subject to change without notice.

Bombardier, Bombardier Vision, Bombardier Enhanced Vision System, Learjet, Learjet 70, Learjet 75, Challenger, Challenger 350, Challenger 650, Global, Global 5000, Global 6000, Global 7000 and Global 8000 
are either registered or unregistered trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.

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