BenQ W11000 4K, Luxury Home Theatre Projection, Balancing Cost and Performance.

March 7, 2017

The benefits of a home cinema projector’s high screen resolution are difficult to appreciate in normal screen sizes and viewing distances. However, the living rooms that will boast the BenQ W11000 4K projector are anything but normal.

This projector is the first 4K Ultra HD projector under the BenQ brand, and at a price of USD7,299 is the best dollar value per pixel of resolution in the market. The BenQ is expected to take over 4K users who are not looking to invest a 5-digit figure.

The BenQ W11000 4K features a full on/off contrast ratio of 50000:1, and displays REC.709 color gamut. This innovative media projector is not only the most reliable solution for playing 4K film content, it also allows exhibitors to display 4K content at high frame rates.

We tested this home-cinema projector on a 180 inch screen in a completely dark room, and enjoyed excellent color accuracy, superb video processing and plenty of contrast. The W11000 really excels in its presentation of color and is able to handle the fastest-action scenes without a loss in resolution.

The gratifyingly symmetrical, no-nonsense exterior is mostly rectangular in shape, with rounded edges along the top and a slight curvature in the front and rear. Its main finish showcases a textured matte dark chocolate color, tinted to blend into any dark home theater ceiling, and is complemented by a gloss around the lens.

BenQ’s remote control is large and very user-friendly, featuring dedicated keys for each of its picture modes with as shortcuts to many of the most important adjustments.

The display menus are also relatively clear and simple for a home-movie projector of this quality, with a logical nesting layout.

One of the most noteworthy features is the low operation noise of the device. During our testing we were struck by the silence we experienced on our ceiling mount while the machine displayed fast-paced action images and engaged its High-cooling mode. We are very pleased the fan noise is not at all an issue. The BenQ eclipses its peers in this and all other important features.

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